Where will you find your next new customer? Or the next 10, for that matter?

In Techgen Media’s new U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook – where buyers and sellers meet!

For sellers, U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook serves as a place to be found by customers looking to purchase metalworking equipment. To leverage the tool, sellers only need to claim their company page, which can be upgraded and customized as they see fit. A listing in U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook is a proactive strategy, ensuring sellers that they will be in the right place, in front of the right person and at exactly the right time to initiate a sale.

Unlike other online resources, U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook is focused specifically on the metalworking industry. It is the first place OEM buyers or job shop owners will turn to when planning to replace capital equipment or expand their operations with new and more efficient machinery and systems. U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook puts the best in industry at your fingertips.

To maximize a company page with U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook, there are a few things to know:

  • With an initial circulation of more than 280,000 qualified users throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook will reach potential job shop and OEM buyers at all levels.
  • The U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook search engine and web app have been designed to be the industry’s most robust and easy-to-use tools for buyers to locate the suppliers that best match their needs.
  • 20,000 companies have already found their way into the U.S. Metalworking Sourcebook. Because many of your competitors are undoubtedly included in that count, make sure that your listing is accurate and complete and that you’re taking full advantage of this powerful selling tool.